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Rural development




Our Vision

To empower Donors and Charities to Connect and Donate seamlessly.

To evaluate the impact of Charities, Non-Profit and NGO’s on major Social Indicators through our Think Tank.

Our Mission

Navsari Foundation provides End to End Solutions (E2ES) to Donors and Charities.

Our Mission is to Collect, Classify, & Consolidate information of Charities and Non-Profit Organizations in fields of, Health, Education, Rural Development & Empowerment.

This information is available on Navsari Foundation Website, for Donors to make an informed decision, by selecting a Charity of their choice to Donate.

Through our Website, we provide vital links and necessary Services to Donors to make their Contribution/Donations directly in to Bank Account of their preferred Charities.

Using our Website and our Services, Charities and Non-Profit Organizations, have access to Donors worldwide for their Funding requirements for Operational and/or Project based budgets.

Navsari Foundation does not endorse nor recommend any Charity or Non-Profit Organization to Donors.

Information posted is collected from Public Domain, directly from Charities or Non-Profit Organizations or through Local Sources.

Our Core Mission as a Think Tank is dedicated to promoting Studies on Charities, Non-Profit and NGOs and its impact on major Social Indicators. For this purpose, Navsari Foundation collects data of Donors, Donations, Charities, Non-Profit and NGOs with help of Social Workers working at grass root level.